PowerEdge rack servers

Meet complex business challenges with next-generation PowerEdgeservers

Dell PowerEdge servers maximize operational effectiveness and optimize flexibility at any scale. Focused on accelerated performance, enhanced automation and simplified management, the PowerEdge line-up of servers can help you experience worry-free computing through:

•  Greater IT efficiency
•  Superior IT agility
•  Better IT reliability

PowerEdge servers are scalable, flexible, efficient solutions platforms with streamlined and intuitive management that can help you meet changing missions and drive business success.

Next generation PowerEdge Servers

PowerEdge rack, tower and blade servers are customer-inspired, feature-rich platforms designed to deliver the performance and versatility you need to meet all challenges in almost any setting, from small businesses to enterprise hyper-scale environments.

Achieve the performance, efficiency and versatility you need to scale smarter, manage more efficiently, and innovate faster. PowerEdge rack servers are designed with carefully balanced processor memory, IO and internal storage resources. Innovative agent-free management, based on the intelligence of our powerful integrated Dell remote access controller (iDRAC) with Lifecycle Controller, helps you more easily deploy, monitor, manage and maintain servers across their entire life cycles.


PowerEdge tower servers

Designed by customers and engineered by Dell, PowerEdge tower servers bring powerful, efficient, versatile operation to users ranging from SOHO to SMB to the data centers of large institutions. Configuration flexibility and large internal capacities allow our towers to grow with you, at your pace, as your business or organization grows.



Our powerful, affordable network engines emphasize scalability and reliability



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