MIT offers a complete line of legacy and new IBM server and networking storage equipment and upgrades. MIT Networking Solutions provide fully configured IBM servers and storage to meet any requirement so you have the choice to order whatever form factor or footprint needed. Networking Equipment arrives at your door fully tested and configured, deployable out of the box. Our inventory includes IBM’s most popular products, including current- and previous-generation rack and blade servers.
With competitive secondary market prices between 40%-60% off OEM list price, MIT can source and configure high-quality gear for any customer configuration or requirement without the long lead times. Your equipment arrives assembled, configured, tested to your specifications, and ready for immediate deployment. Every chassis and component is tested for performance and reliability, and all products are covered by a lifetime warranty.


  • Allows rebuilding of failed disks in minutes instead of hours using declustered RAID
  • Requires less raw capacity by using erasure coding instead of replication for data protection
  • Unified storage for file and object
  • Consolidates storage for file and object workloads into a single storage pool
  • Allows traditional applications using file interfaces to still benefit from object storage
  • True scale out
  • Scales performance, capacity, file and object linearly with automatic load balancing
  • Avoids network-attached storage (NAS) performance penalty in scale-out NAS by leveraging a parallel file system
  • Global sharing and collaboration
  • Shares data across geographically distributed sites using unreliable networks
  • Caches data from multiple remote sites and gains performance similar to local data
  • Hadoop connector
  • Consolidates storage for file and object with storage for Hadoop applications

  • Enables faster analysis of data by eliminating data movement from file storage to Hadoop storage

  • Policy-based tiering and compression quality of service

  • Tiers data automatically between various tiers of storage, including tape, based on policies
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to purchase excess high-performance storage
  • Can reduce the impact of routine maintenance or other low-priority tasks on system performance
  • Integrated modular building block
  • Enables quick deployment of the initial solution and additional blocks of storage as demands increase
  • Avoids the risks involved in bring-your-own-solution options
  • Provides a single source of global support for hardware and software