Routers, Modems & Modem Routers

A D–Link router, modem or modem router ensures users can enjoy a strong, fast Internet connection.

A D–Link wireless modem router can help users stream, game and download on multiple devices without sacrificing the quality of their connection. 

Upgrading your router to a D–Link wireless router can help increase the coverage and strength of your home network so you can minimise drop–outs.
Available in a range of modern or discreet designs, a D–Link modem, router or modem router will complement the décor scheme in any home.


Cameras & Monitors

A D–Link camera or baby monitor keeps you informed of what is happening around your home.

A D–Link security camera connects to your home WiFi, creates a stand–alone IP address and stores footage on a cloud server so you can access it from anywhere. Discreet and wireless, a D–Link camera features night vision and motion sensors for a complete, efficient performance.

A D–Link baby camera turns your phone or tablet into a baby monitor. Easy–to–set up, a D–Link monitor allows you to keep an eye on your baby and keep informed of other factors that could disturb sleep such as temperature fluctuations for total peace of mind.


Range Extenders & Adapters

A D–Link range extender or adapter can improve the Internet connection in your home.

A D–Link range extender amplifies the strength of your home network to provide whole–home coverage. Discreet and easy–to–install, a D–Link wireless range extender can eliminate WiFi dead spots from your house.

A D–Link wireless adapter helps you enjoy wireless Internet connectivity on any computer or laptop in your home. With no complicated set up necessary, a D–Link wireless adapter simply plugs into a USB port and connects to your home network to deliver a fast Internet connection.